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Traffic Cases

Too often traffic tickets are taken lightly. In reality, however, convictions can have far-reaching and unforeseen results, many of which can be highly consequential. Automobile insurance premiums may be increased dramatically by one’s carrier. Pleas and evidence in traffic court may be used in civil lawsuits filed against the defendant driver.  In extreme cases, a jail sentence may be imposed.

At T. Noel Brooks, PLC, we assist clients with comprehensive preparation for defending against traffic charges. For instance, we interview the police officer who gave the summons. In doing so, we find out what the officer is likely going to say in front of the judge. It also gives us an opportunity to promote our client and obtain the officer’s good will and cooperation should we be compelled to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney before trial. We also, when applicable, interview witnesses, visit the site of the alleged offense, and where appropriate, hire an expert to challenge the alleged traffic violation.

Historically, our negotiations with police officers and prosecuting attorneys have been successful. However, when negotiations are not appropriate or in the best interest of our clients, we present a legal defense that exudes preparedness, spirit, and vigor.

Noel regularly and successfully defends clients against:

  1. Driving Without License
  2. Driving While Suspended
  3. Driving After Being Declared a Habitual Offender
  4. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
  5. Hit and Run
  6. Reckless Driving
  7. Following Too Closely
  8. Speeding
  9. Failing to Obey a Highway Sign
  10. Improper Driving

If you have received a traffic ticket, call someone who goes to traffic court on a weekly basis, and someone who knows police officers, prosecutors, and judges. Call T. Noel Brooks, PLC at (804) 425-6279.