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Criminal Defense

The consequences of criminal charges are unthinkable, regardless of guilt or innocence. At. T. Noel Brooks, PLC, we understand the emotional distress faced by individuals and their families when their loved one is facing criminal charges. Thus, after thorough legal analysis, interviews with witnesses, and consultations with prosecuting attorneys, we provide informed, professional, and legal recommendations to our clients.

In those instances in which plea bargaining has not been advantageous to our clients’ interests, we have, over the years, successfully tried cases in the City of Richmond and surrounding areas, including Chesterfield, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Henrico, Prince George, Emporia, Louisa, Goochland, Hanover, and Powhatan.

Our trial experience is further informed by over three years in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office of Chesterfield County where the mindset, tactics, and protocols of the prosecution were learned. And, for the last eight years, those insights have been employed for the benefit of our clients.

Noel’s commitment, experience, attention to detail, and professionalism provide his clients with effective representation and assurance to successfully combat their charges. Noel has successfully defended his clients against a multitude of charges including the following crimes:

    Crimes Against The Person

    1. Malicious/ Unlawful Wounding
    2. Abduction
    3. Assault & Battery
    4. Robbery
    5. Carjacking
    6. Rape

    Crimes Against Property

    1. Arson
    2. Burglary
    3. Grand Larceny
    4. Petit Larceny
    5. Embezzlement
    6. Trespass
    7. Vandalism
    8. Computer Crimes

    Crimes Involving Fraud

    1. Forgery
    2. Uttering
    3. Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer
    4. Obtaining Money by False Pretenses
    5. Issuing Bad Checks
    6. Credit Card Theft
    7. Credit Card Forgery
    8. Credit Card Fraud
    9. Identity Theft
    10. Identity Fraud

    Drug Charges

    1. Possession with Intent to Distribute Schedule I/II Drugs
    2. Possession Schedule I/II Drugs
    3. Transporting Controlled Substances
    4. Possession of Marijuana
    5. Conspiracy to Possess or Distribute Illegal Drugs
    6. Common Nuisance
    7. Prescription Fraud
    8. Drug Paraphernalia